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INTKODUCTOBY ESSAY.                               219
Plectranthus rugosus.                 Andropogon.
Linaria rcmosissima.                   Eriophorumr
Cyperus.                                    Sacclianma.
Cliloris.                                      BrianthTig.
The temperate vegetation consists almost exclusively of Eu-
ropean and Siberian types,  and differs remarkably from the
Himalayan in the total absence of Rubi and Aconitwn. Be-
sides the shrubs and trees mentioned above, there occur—
Salix cmgustifolia.                           Elseagnus.
zygostemon.                            Betula Ekojputra, var.
purpurea.                              Lonicerse, several.
acutifolia.                              Clematis orienfalis.
alba.                                     Eosa pvmpinellafolic^.
fragilis.                                Artemisia^ several.
Perowskia.                                     Oaragana versicolor.
Ulmus piwiila.                               Berberis uliowa.
Populus alba.                                 Ehamnus.
„      nigra,                               Ephedra.
The prevalent natural families are all European:—
Eanunculaeeae.                               Scrophulaiiacese.
Pumariaceso.                                  LabiatsB.
CrucifersB.                                     Boraginese.
Alsinese.                                        Polygoneae.
Leguminosa!.                                 Chenopodiaceoo,
Bosacese.                                       Amentaceae.
TTmbelHferse.                                  Grainineso.
Saxifragese.                                    Cyperacese.
The following herbaceous genera and species may be noted
as often occurring:—
Eanunculus.                                  Hypecoum.
Anemone.                                      Draba.
Delphinium,                                  Cardamiuo,
Thalictrum.                                   Matt-hiola.
Corydalis                                      Sisymbrium.